This is a spin-off of a meta discussion at How closely should we stick to Stack Exchange norms?. It came up in that discussion that some other SE sites use a "soft-question" tag for questions that deviate from SE norms. In particular, I think this (or a similar tag) may be used on questions that ask for opinions or (possibly) might have multiple correct answers. Should we have such a tag, and, if so, what should it be. Possibilities I've seen so far include the following.

  • No tag: we should nuke such questions.
  • No tag: we can just leave those questions as posted, with no particular designation.
  • Tag with "soft-question".
  • Tag with "subjective".
  • Tag with "experience-based" (the question seeks experiential responses).
  • Tag with "discussion" (a tag that already exists; I'm not sure if it is intended for use only on "meta" or is appropriate for the main site).

I vote for “subjective”, with “discussion” my second choice.


If we use tags, we are not limited to one, although I think too many would invite confusion. My preferences are to allow such questions within reason (so not option 1) and to tag the appropriate ones (which might discourage other people from nuking them). To me, "soft-question" sounds potentially pejorative, so I would prefer one of the other choices.


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