I frequently check the review queues here, and I almost always do not get the opportunity to review anything because someone else has already cleared up the queue (a good sign for this community!).

Today I was surprised, not only because reviews were available for me in two different categories, but we had seven closure reviews available!

We have only had 455 closure reviews done in total (an usually several people will do a review for the same closure, the number of questions for which closure has been reviewed is expected to be significantly smaller than that), and we got 7 today alone:

enter image description here

I am just curious to know what happened? Does it have something to do with the election going on (e.g. someone decided to significantly raise their participation level and went through a lot of questions and vote to close some of them along the way)?

I'm not saying that the surge in close votes was a bad idea: in fact I voted to close some of those questions, especially the ones that "need more focus" since the asker was trying to ask several questions at once; so I actually think that whoever cast those initial close votes was doing a decent job. I'm just curious what happened (or if this was all just a coincidence!) because this observation was a bit unusual!

P.S. I think TheSimpliFire takes care of most reviews fairly quickly, when its a "First Question" or "First Answer" or "Suggested Edit" review, for example, but would avoid voting on a closure because when a diamond moderator votes on a closure the democratic process for that closure ends. Therefore I understand that we probably wouldn't have had 7 close reviews available today if TheSimpliFire voted on them, but why did we have so many in the first place?



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