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Community Wiki is a feature that can be applied to answers which lowers the barrier for editing and prevents any rep gain/loss from voting. With the introduction of suggested edits, Community Wiki is no longer recommended in common use.

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Reminder to join the community discord for more vivid discussions! #advantages: voice chat live chatroom you can direct message people who are also on the server start polls practice a presentation (just tell us you want to schedule an ...
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Should questions that are useful and relevant on Mathematics SE be copied across to Operations Research SE?

By useful and relevant, I mean questions like Operations research book to start with, Introduction to Operations Research, or even How can I mathematically model and analyze an incremental game like ...
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Should "basic" questions be made Community Wikis?

We've started getting some questions and self-answers about basic OR questions that get asked over and over again on other sites, like: How to linearize the product of a binary and a non-negative ...