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Discord Presentation #2: Vehicle Routing and Just-in-Time Systems (Feb 13th, 19:30 GMT)

Previous presentation: Discord Presentation #1: Container Shipping (Tonight 20:00 GMT) This Sunday (19:30 GMT) there will be a presentation on the implementation of VRP-type problems and just-in-...
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Reminder to join the community discord for more vivid discussions! #advantages: voice chat live chatroom you can direct message people who are also on the server start polls practice a presentation (just tell us you want to schedule an ...
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Discord Presentation #1: Container Shipping (Tonight 20:00 GMT)

One of our users Eddiee is giving a talk on Container Shipping Network Design this evening (20:00 GMT): Basic ideas of some solution methods will be explained: Genetic algorithms, Tabu search, ...
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Setting up a community server for OR-enthusiasts

I am thinking it would be a great idea to set up an OR Discord server for people who are studying or working with the methods for operations research. I myself study that field at university, but I ...
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