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When should I make edits to code?
Accepted answer
5 votes

I believe the StackOverflow canonical answer on this is useful (excerpts below). Editing Code in Questions Code in questions should only be edited for formatting and readability. Editing ...

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Should questions about probability distributions be on topic?
4 votes

This is a good discussion to have -- I've upvoted the question despite one of the linked questions being mine. I agree with @E.Tucker that this will be a tricky line given the breadth of OR. I ...

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Blocklist [operations-research] tag
3 votes

Blocklist operations-research It is irrelevant on this site.

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Do we need people editing other people's posts to remove "Thanks"?
2 votes

Yes. As Oded's answer points out, Anything that is not relevant to the question/post is noise and should be removed. Irrelevant text can harm a question's readability and detract from the long term ...

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